Many of the 20,000 Bangladeshi nationals currently estimated to be in Libya, are treated badly — not paid and living in intolerable conditions.

Few of those who leave from Bangladesh know that Libya is a country marred by a brutal civil conflict — and that the reality for those trafficked there is one of misery, exploitation and slavery.

Most of them have no idea about Libya

In Libya there was no contact between the Bangladeshis and other nationalities — the prisons operated by traffickers were organised along ethnic lines.

The Turkish lira briefly slid 1 per cent on Monday, again nearing record lows touched last week as concerns persisted over President Tayyip Erdogan’s rate-cutting drive and Qatar said it was keeping an eye on its ally’s economic troubles.

In Doha, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said Qatar was looking at any opportunities that arise from Turkey’s economic challenges.

Last year, Qatar’s central bank expanded to $15 billion a foreign-currency swap line it had with its Turkish counterpart.

Turkey’s real rates are deeply negative, a red flag for fleeing investors and for Turkish savers who have flocked to hard currencies to protect their wealth.

Large explosions rocked the city after the four missiles hit the airport, Al-Shareka and Rawdha neighborhoods, residents said.

Footage on social media showed thick smoke billowing from shelled areas as people fled.

Yemen’s Information Minister called on the UN and the US Yemen envoys to condemn the Houthi missile attacks and to designate the Houthi movement as a terrorist organization.

A difficult and only option to save themselves, after the Houthi militia surrounded her family’s home and her palm farm with mines.

“Frightening”, this is how Salama, aged about 85, described to “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar” the journey of escape. “We kept looking away for an endless time, hoping to reach.” The Houthi militia, as its members usually refer to the displaced families, as they are accused of supporting the legitimate government.

Salama is settling in the “Al-Alili camp”, which shelters hundreds of displaced families, all of whom risked going there to escape the brutality of the Houthi militia, and behind each family a tragedy that the Iranian-backed militias were the main cause of.

Turkey’s national currency has plummeted 45% against the dollar this year and yet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn’t seem all that bothered.

The lira has flirted with record lows this week, but Turkey’s long-time leader is pressing ahead with his “economic war of independence”, backed up by low interest rates.

One in five young people in Turkey is out of work; it is even worse among women.

Turkey has the world’s fourth highest rate of youth not in employment, education or training, according to the OECD.

Turkey’s youth compare their living standards with those in other countries and do not like what they see.

Iraq’s independent election commission announced the final results on Tuesday following weeks of recounting and intensified rejection from the losing parties.

Five seats changed as a result of the appeals and recounting process in the capital; Baghdad, Nineveh, Erbil, Kirkuk and Basra.

Al-Fatah alliance, whose main components are militia groups affiliated with the Iran-backed Popular Mobilisation Forces, sustained its crushing loss and snatched 17 seats — no change from the initial results, despite its repetitive call for a recount over alleged “fraud”.

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has ordered a review into US military bombings in Syria in March 2019 that the New York Times recently reported killed dozens of civilians during the battle for the final stronghold of ISIL (ISIS).

Urban’s statement came a day after the New York Times, citing anonymous sources and classified documents, published a report that accused the US military of concealing the bombings.

The newspaper reported that the bombing struck a “crowd of women and children”, killing 64 people.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates are using well-meaning liberals across Europe to cover for and further their own anti-democratic agenda, experts have warned.

Dr. Lorenzo Vidino, director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, told participants that the Brotherhood is using “woke” language to “camouflage their true nature” as it takes hold in Europe.

“People have started calling them ‘woke Islamism,’ very much using the concepts of racism, of bigotry, that are mainstream in the political discourse in Europe and camouflaging their true nature in a language that makes them much more acceptable, more palatable, to a mainstream establishment.”


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