US extremely cautious about Iran, ignores the danger of Hamas, Al-Qassam Brigades and Hezbollah in the region

The US administration has been extremely cautious about Iran and its tactical moves in the region but when it comes to its direct relation with Hamas, it has chosen to ignore the threat completely. Hamas has created havoc in the region with its violent approach to the smallest of the issue. Iran has been supporting Hamas with funds and weaponry.

The American government has very well recognised all the other terror groups working with or supporting Hamas, but it failed to categorize Hamas as a terrorist organization. But, Hamas has been dealing with all the terror groups for its ulterior motives and one of the top collaboration is between the Palestine based group and Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its its right hand Al-Qassam Brigades has been listed under the threats.

If American agencies and security officers are so concerned about the safety of people and Iran’s involvement in the region then it is strange of them to neglect Ismaiil Haniyeh on its provoking comments on Jews and Israel.

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