What about us? Qataris demand their rights ahead of World Cup

The issue of human rights in Qatar has become a well-told story: workers badly-paid or not paid at all; unable to change jobs or leave the country without the permission of bosses; passports illegally taken away; working long hours in intolerable heat far from home, housed in poor accommodation, domestic staff abused, through to those who have paid the ultimate price and lost their lives as the country undergoes the greatest ever transformation of any World Cup host nation.

But what about Qataris?

We should not forget the concerns over the suffocating guardianship rule which can prevent women from travelling or working abroad without male approval, but a myriad of issues, from women’s rights generally, the ability to dress according to choice not custom, LGBT+, salaries, concerns over pensions, the funding of services such as health, or even cross-national marriage.

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